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    Career Counselling

    Career Counselling or Career Guidance is a counselling or guidance (advise) provided by the career counsellors who guides individuals in choosing the right career path based on their strengths, interests, abilities and skill sets. In career counselling, the individual gets career guidance from professional career counsellor that focuses on providing the right career pathway according to individual's skills and interest areas. The main objective of Career Counselling is to providing the career advice based on the aptitude, interests, potentials and shortcomings with the use of career assessment tools. The Career Counsellor helps them to design their Career goals and career pathways. Our Career Counsellors help in choosing the right career board, right stream after 10th class, right course after 12th class, right career and it's pathway. They guide you from choosing the right career to right college, right job based on your strengths and abilities. Mindopedia have a team of professional career experts who can guide you about the market scenario of particular career. Thus, we provide you the entire pathway from right career to right amount of salary.

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    Why career counselling is needed?

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    Is your personality different from rest?

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    Do you possess unique type of talents?

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    Are you better in certain activities than others?

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    Are your interests unique?

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    Do you have different likes and dislikes?

    Then... how can you decide your career based on advice of others or based on where the salaries are more?

    How Mindopedia can help you?


    “ Mindopedia Career Counselling is India’s largest career counselling organization that works with 10 Lakh+ students. We offer unbiased career counselling and career guidance services based on their strengths. Leverage a scientific career assessment and aptitude assessment, India’s top career counsellors; our offerings include college guidance and industry scenario as well. ”

    career library

    Career Library

    Mindopedia’s comprehensive career library consists of 45,000+ colleges, 200+ entrance exams details, 150+ online courses and more – all present at single platform.

    scientific assessment

    Scientific Assessment

    Our AI based scientific career assessment tool assess students on all the factors including aptitude, personality, strengths, talent, potential, abilities, etc.

    talk with career experts

    Talk with Career Experts

    Our career specialist will advise you about the current market scenario, ups and downs in the career field, hard work you need to put in, etc., into the particular career field.

    One-to-one counselling

    One-to-one counselling

    Get personal one-on-one career counselling session with the career counsellor to better understand your career insights and career pathway.

    Benefits of Career Guidance

    Educational Guidance

    Educational Guidance

    Better Marks / Results

    Better Marks / Results

    Top Universities

    Top Universities

    Right Job Placement

    Right Job Placement

    Identify best career options

    Identify best career options

    Determine Strengths and Weaknesses

    Determine Strengths and Weaknesses

    Mindopeda Scientific Career guidance

    Scientific Career Guidance

    Choosing right career or stream can get easier through our AI based scientific career assessment. Our scientific career assessment is driven by 9MI’s, 16PF, DBDA, IKIGAI and MBTI. Our advanced career assessment was developed through extensive research by India’s top psychologists, counsellors, career advisors and experts.

    Our AI based scientific career assessment tool assess students on all the factors including Aptitude, Personality, Strengths, Talent, Potential, Abilities, etc. In our report, you will get a detailed in depth understanding of your Strengths, Abilities, Interest Areas, Stream Selection, Career Core, Skill Sets, Aptitude, AQ, EQ, Personality And Career Roadmap.

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    Psychometric Test

    Mindopedia Psychometric Test is most advanced and accurate career assessment tool that helps an individual from choosing the right career to best fitted job. It is the best rated career assessment platform in India. Our career assessment tool assesses students on all the factors including aptitude, learning style, career core, personality, strengths, talent, potential, abilities, etc; for determining the right career pathway or career roadmap. The overall accuracy and reliability is 95%. Mindopedia’s Career Assessment is based on well proven psychometric theories. In our report, you will get a detailed in depth understanding of your Career interest, Career Personality, Career roadmap, learning style, aptitude, skills and abilities, EQ and AQ.

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    Mindopedia Psychometric Assessment Tool
    Need Analysis1

    Need Analysis

    Assess your career confusion and doubts


    Take the AI based Scientific Career Assessment Test


    Analyse & Take Counselling session from best career counsellors
    Career Roadmap4

    Career Roadmap

    Define your career roadmap with us and follow to success
    Mindopedia Career Counselling - Right Career Path


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    Reviews & Testimonials

    Since 2010, Mindopedia has created an enormous footprint that has directly impacted the lives of 10 lakh students. Our advanced technological platform, well-delivering psychometric test, scientific assessment test & a fleet of 200+ counsellors located across 100+ cities are eager to bring you benefit.

    Taking my daughter to Mindopedia for career counselling turned out to be a correct decision for us. She was analyzed thoroughly and Ms Rupali interaction bought out her interests and strengths which helped us in finalizing her best career choices. Rupali is very knowledgeable and has the right tools and training for this critical position which is a must as a person whose life depends on the career choices he/she makes at this juncture. I will surely recommend her for your ward.

    I had a great experience with Mindopedia. Like others even I had lot of confusions regarding my career. When you are really Clueless about your future career Mindopedia is a place to find your answers. The assessments and counselling are very scientific and professional. The assessment and counselling helped me to understand about myself and my interests. I had a great discussion with counsellors. They explain each and everything very clearly and try to give the best answers. All counsellors are very supportive and helpful.

    Great experience with Mindopedia. I approached them for counselling for my son. I found the entire process very helpful and they provide my son with the various career options he should look for. Their international standards psychometric tests and detailed analysis about career was very helpful and accurate. Parents should definitely look to take opportunity to explore the interests of their child before opting for any career path. After this program, my views regarding what I think my son should do are changed and got an opportunity to review his career options along with his capabilities and interests.

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