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    Best career counsellor in Mumbai. Their Dmit test Results are amazing. Most accurate AI based scientific career assessment test. Best brain mapping centre in Mumbai.

    Shailesh Mangal

    Best career counselor in Mumbai. Great service provided by Mindopedia Career Counselling. I was very much confused after my graduation. I tried so many career counsellors offline /online. But really sorry to say most of them are various kind software sellers or Admission agents who represent themselves as a career counsellor in industry. After my detailed search I found Mindopedia Career Counsellor is the most experienced counsellor in terms of career counselling experience.

    Abhishek Bansal

    Best career counselling in Dehradun as well as Best DMIT centre in Dehradun. Highly experienced career counsellors in India.

    Shubha Nanda

    Excellent Career Counselling… They took my AI based scientific career assessment test and created a report based upon it… Then career counselling session was scheduled and cleared things based upon the current scenario of jobs and also took my passion and hobbies under consideration… Gave me a good conclusion and I recommend everyone to have counselling session with Sir to get clear things up

    Raman Silotia

    I took career counselling for my son .Due to covid period it was online .But after taking counselling session from Mindopedia it was amazing. I discussed with many counsellor after searching. I finally believed upon Mindopedia. It is worthy and trustworthy in my opinion. People talked a lot about their services but Mindopedia career guidance is most experienced. You may trust upon. Thanx sir for removing all confusions .your test is highly accurate and scientific. Thanx once again.

    Himani Jain

    Mindopedia is the best career counselling centre in Mumbai for career counselling and guidance. The results are very helpful and effective as I took the psychometric test regarding my career. Career Counsellor is very supportive in the whole session, he cleared all my queries and build the confidence to achieve the m glad that I choose this institution for counselling. I will suggest you everyone to go with Mindopedia career guidance and counselling

    Shirini Pawar

    The career report was very accurate and the career counselling session was good.

    Prachi Goel

    Mindopedia Career Counsellor is very well. Practical guidance was provided which helped answer my doubts and queries. Thank you.

    Nidhi Pasricha

    Taking career counselling is worth here because you will get an accurate report of the skills in which you will perform well. The entire process of career counselling was fabulous. Career Counsellor solved all the doubts and confusion regarding my career and guided me well.

    Anjali Silotia

    The career counselling was too good. They guided me really well, now I have a clear career goal on what I’ve do to because of them.

    Ankita Arora

    It’s a very great experience with Mindopedia Career Counselling. It helps me to solve all the queries regarding my career.

    Udit dangwal

    Very nice Career Counselling services and polite staff. I consulted them for an ongoing corporate issue. After talking to the counsellor, I was much relieved and able to take mature decision in life. Will definitely recommend this career counsellor in Kolkata for all the life related guidance. Their way of helping to tackle situations is commendable.

    Rahul Jain

    Best career counsellor I have ever met in Banglore. Otherwise most of the people are admission agent. They are most ethical people. Highly accurate scientific report. Thanx a lot for unbiased counselling. Most important thing is they never force to anyone to take admission in any particular college or institution.

    Jaga Ravindra

    Best career counsellor in India. I took on line digitally career counselling for my son. They r highly experienced .Report was accurate. Thanx Mindopedia.

    Rishabh Singh

    Mindopedia career counselling is the most appropriate canvas to a child’s dreams and aspirations. They’re providing a well mentored framework to their students They are focusing on child’s inner capabilities through DMIT & Psychometric Test so Students can take the most important decision of their life and give their future successful shape.

    Surya Prakash

    It’s my suggestions best career counsellor at Mindopedia Career Counselling is really best career counsellor in Mumbai and helpful.

    Kavita Sharma

    Mindopedia is best career counselling and career guidance in Pune. It’s best life changer.

    Sonu Bansal

    Great Experience with Mindopedia Career Counselling. Excellent Career Report of Brain Mapping Report of 109 pages for my daughter. Got to know her personality, Learning Style, Her innate abilities, strengths and weaknesses and their remedies

    Gurnandan Singh

    Best career counsellor in India. AI based Scientific career report test is excellent way to explore individual hidden potential and weakness. Most important thing is that they are not others like admission counselor. They really help individuals to decide their career and career pathway according to their inner potential. Thanx to the team of Mindopedia.

    Pawan Swami

    Highly experienced and scientific counselling. Thanx for unbiased career counselling.

    Vijay Laxmi

    Best career counsellor in Delhi. Mindopedia is best career counselling centre in Delhi. Thanks for best career guidance for my child.

    Kuldeep Srivastava

    Best career counsellor in Delhi and best Dmit centre in Delhi. Really worth my money. Thanks.

    Jahid Alam

    Best career counsellor in India. Ultimate counselling session, I took telephonic counselling

    Mudit Raizada

    After 10th I have taken the career counselling from Mindopedia career guidance. I am very satisfied for my career result/report. This is the best career counselor/counselling in India.

    Mukesh Singh

    They r best for remove confusions in career. Will recommend for everyone. I took on line counselling. Previously I was hesitating for online counselling but after taking the session. Highly impressed. Thanks sir.

    Rohit kumar Sharma

    Initial career guidance and follow up career counselling sessions was very good. Arranged the counselling as per schedule and sessions was good

    Anish Deva

    Good place for career opportunities and counselling.

    Ayush Khosla

    I had visited this place for career guidance. They asked me took AI based Career assessment test which was online and explained me well to choose a career to my potential. Overall nice explanation.

    Vinayak Kulkarni

    Mindopedia Career Counselling provide my son the best career counselling at the office in Mumbai, they suggest us about the careers and explore many careers for my child. nice service.

    Nilkanth Tiwari

    My son was really confused about its career, then I came across Mindopedia Career Counselling, they took career test which include aptitude, career interest and personality. After giving the test the results were amazing and also the personal counselling was really very amazing and helpful in career roadmap.

    Sandeep Khel

    Really amazed with the career counselling report provided by Mindopedia Career Counselling, Their personal career counselling was really amazing. Value for money

    Kshitij Vispute

    I come to know about Mindopedia Career Counselling a week ago. After that I thought to give it a try and discuss my career doubts. They guided me really well and provides the best career counselling in Mumbai

    Chaitanya Desai

    Most of the career counselling centres in Mumbai provides only college suggestions for us is under the name of career counselling they just earn commissions from the college. But Mindopedia Career Counselling provides pure career counselling and helps to find the best career

    Akshay R.

    Mindopedia Career Counselling provides a great online career counselling platform, I also like the way of the career counselling report.

    Sachin Bagul

    The test helped me choosing my career and it worked and help me a lot, thank you Mindopedia Career Counselling for this wonderful counselling and the support.

    Pratik Husey

    My kid was really confused with what stream to choose after HSC, Mindopedia Career Counsellors guided us properly with their career test. Face to face counselling with their mentor cleared all our doubts. Thank you very much, would refer to other parents also.

    Kumar raut

    Excellent DMIT results and best counselling as well. We get to know about My daughter strengths and weaknesses and many more things about her brain and her personality It was very useful session and it would be beneficial for us. Thank you Mindopedia Career Counselling.

    Lalitha P

    I did the DMIT for my Son to have clarity on his further education and career path. We had an excellent counselling session. She explained each skill in detail and gave us clarity on how to proceed further. I am really satisfied with the outcome. Highly professionals. They are doing a great job. Please keep up the good work.

    Ramesh Nair

    Mindopedia DMIT Counsellors explained the good skills and qualities as in us as well guided us to improve in the ones which we lack for. They even guided so much for future courses. It was really and interesting and knowledge full session for us and will definitely help us to in future. Would definitely recommend to everyone. The time and knowledge given is really worth.

    Saurav Agrawal

    Mindopedia Career Counsellor articulated the insight about our daughter. It was really and interesting and knowledgeable session for us and will definitely help us to carve future. Would definitely recommend to those parents and people who really want to make their future by themselves. Kudos to this technique and the DMIT service providers.

    Ankur Jain

    Mindopedia Career Counselling as a brand has some amazing services under one roof. Their service as a consultant or professional counselling are outstanding as in career guidance, parenting related queries or many others…all the Team members I have met so far are so polite and compatible to interact with.

    Aparna paul

    Mindopedia DMIT counsellor was an expert. The session conducted was very insightful and helpful. Will definitely recommend.

    Surabhi Mishra

    I had visited Mindopedia Career Counselling along with my elder daughter as I needed to discuss about her career as well wanted to know her potential and weakness.

    I am satisfied with the way Mindopedia Career counsellor has guided and consulted us…they are very professional, soft spoken and has complete knowledge of her field.

    Secondly I have come to know the potential of my daughter through the finger print report done by them and it’s same as per my daughter’s nature.

    I wish them luck and thanks to Mindopedia Career Counsellings for the guidance to all the parents who are worried and confused about their child’s future.

    Thanks and best regards

    Yogita Sachin Sitapure

    The career session conducted by Mindopedia Career Counselling was very insightful and helpful.

    Umaima Gari Gari

    I found Mindopedia Career Counselling is a need at present as it gives a way of life to our children.

    Tanya boxi

    My son was confused on what to do after 12 Science, everyday his goal changed. We did counselling with Mindopedia Career Counselling. The counselling was based on finger prints analysis so it was more scientific. My son goal was cleared after counselling and he studied hard for CET and got admission in Engineering college in Mumbai. Thanks Mindopedia Career Counsellings for giving clear vision and confidence.

    Bhadreshkumar Panchal

    I am working in Mindopedia Career Counsellings, and it’s pleasure to work especially under guidance and support of Manish Naidu sir. Mindopedia Career Counsellings is a young and dynamic leader in industry, and I’m fortunate to be part of high performing team

    Sandeep Yadav

    Wonderful counselling with Accurate Report gave me a lot of clarity to pursue my dreams. I am grateful and happy to have done my DMIT analysis done from Mindopedia Career Counsellings! Definitely go for it. It will change your life.

    Shreyanka Chowdhury

    Excellent counselors here, best counselling from the counselors all over India. We get to know about our strengths and weaknesses and many more things about our brain and our personality. It is very important to upgrade yourself these days and DMIT test will help you in that. DMIT test helps us to explore the different aspects of our life. Thank you Mindopedia Career Counsellings to clear my vision about my future

    Sonali Pande

    It’s been one year i’ve joined Mindopedia Career Counsellings as an employee and i’m glad to be a part of them. I have personally experienced a great feeling working with my heads and associates. They really helped me growing my skills & becoming more professional. I would personally recommend that this is the company to work with.

    Abhishek Mishra

    I was fortunate enough to attend and experience such an informative training session by Mindopedia Career Counsellor, will recommend it to every individual who do not want trial and error methods in choosing a career…

    sharmista das

    I think it was one of my best decisions so far. The counsellor was very understanding and was really easy to talk to. I really liked the session and it definitely helped me a lot. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.

    Saloni Agrawal

    The session was very good. It was easy to understand and made a lot of sense. It helped in understanding the options of future careers and the importance of making the right decisions. It was helpful in providing a better understanding on the aspects where one needs improvement. It was all in all a very interesting one

    shubham mane

    The counsellor was quite well versed with her work and the session was insightful.


    I loved this career counselling session. I now understand what I want to do and how to go forward with it. And I feel very calm and relieved now.


    The career counselling session was very good. It was easy to understand and made a lot of sense. It helped in understanding the options of future careers and the importance of making the right decisions. It was helpful in providing a better understanding on the aspects where one needs improvement. It was all in all a very interesting one.

    larcia fernandes

    It was a great experience here. The counsellor was really understanding and yes I did receive a great help . Will always suggest anyone for Mindopedia Career Counsellings


    There was a lot of accuracy in the reports and it also made me understand myself a little better. The career options given were quite interesting and I will definitely consider them. I would recommend Mindopedia Career Counsellings for people of all ages as it helps understand your personality better.

    Kyle Fernandes

    Really informative. Now I have a clear understanding about my career. Mindopedia Career Counsellors are really explained everything really well.


    It was an extremely extensive career report and very well explained in lay man’s language. It gave us a great deal of insight into our child and the fine suggestions made by career counsellors also gave us solutions to a certain areas which we had concerns about. It is surprising how finger prints can say something so precisely about us. All in all it was an informative and well guided session. Thank you for your time and inputs.

    Khushboo Bhanushali

    My session was taken care by top career counsellors, top career psychologist. It’s my first session & I enjoyed it thoroughly. The discussion was based on my personality, strengths & opportunities and options to not only enhance my career but to explore other avenues with patience. Honestly, I’m quite content with the session I underwent. Kudos to the Mindopedia Career Counselling team.

    Rohit Nath

    It was good to know about myself & the things which have been discussed are very true n I know about it. & yes I will always try to and work on my patients levels. I would also like to thank our management for giving me this experience

    Khan Zareen

    Have been part of the training in Chennai, handled by Best Corporate Counsellors. Very practical and scientific way of understanding our inborn strengths better, thereby grow towards it. The session was very interesting and encouraging. Thankful to the trainer and Mindopedia Corporate Counselling for the excellent outcome

    Udhay Shankar

    It was a wonderful experience at Mindopedia Career Counsellings. Spoke to Mindopedia Career Counsellor who gave a very thorough explanation about my personality and my future career options. Would definitely recommend it.

    Vidya Iyer

    My way or high way is one quote I have always used which also describes me perfectly today I had a great session with Mindopedia Career Counsellor as they pointed at all the topics with my core strengths and also on the topics which need revision. This session really helped in supporting my aims and also showed me places which I have to work on.

    Anjana Vinod

    Was really a very good session. Got a better idea about the genuine potential I had. Even could explore a lot of new fields which suits the best.

    Leena Kulkarni

    Yes, Indeed an eye-opener very well executed the report of oneself. A great experience for knowing and understanding myself more clearly.

    Marshall Fernandes

    Feels very relaxed and now very confident about our own good things and potential. Thanks to my counsellor for such a wonderful guidance. Thanks

    Sanjay Mathane

    The counselling was very good I got complete exposure about what I should do regarding my career wise and life routine. Thanks a lot.

    sooraj krishnankutty

    The session was really great. The information that the counsellor provided me about me and my daughter about our personalities was absolutely on point. The DMIT test really gave me a good idea of all the possible options for me and guidance on how to mould my child’s future by using her strengths to the fullest.

    Kriti Zalpuri

    Great insight into self. Excellent SWOT analysis too. Thanks

    Sachin Naik

    I am glad that I took this test. The report was quite accurate and I have clearer vision about myself now.

    Darpan Jain

    It’s wonderful experience, came to know my inner skills and for my son also. It’s an amazing thing.

    nisha sabnani

    As a parent, I found the counselling highly fruitful especially to identify my child’s strength and give him that kind of school environment! I am so glad that I took this test and as a parent I am very happy and relieved to know my child’s full personality and areas of development.

    lekha sonara

    The counselling done by Mindopedia Career Counsellor was excellent. The counselling was an interesting learning about genetics and implications. Overall it was a good experience!!!

    Sana Shaikh

    The counselling at Mindopedia Career Counselling was truly satisfying. It really felt that I’ve benefited something from it. The counsellor was great! Explained each and everything in depth.

    Ganesh Gajelly

    It has been an excellent understanding of all the factuals, reports are accurate and reliable. It is just a need of the present generation especially with teens.

    Anita Sharma

    Mindopedia counsellor are excellent, honest and help full. We need these kind of counselors in our state and Country.

    Lizarani Makar

    We like the counselling very much. Counselor explained each and every point in detail with realistic example. Overall the very good experience.

    Rashmi Desai

    It has been a wonderful experience being here at Mindopedia Career Counselling. Their DMIT test explores the person’s hidden potential and helps you discover things about yourself and help you enable betterment of your own persona. Absolutely thrilled to have been here.

    RK CB Trivedi

    Wonderful conselling session with Mindopedia Career Counsellor… Really helpful

    raashi panchal

    Mindopedia Career Counsellor….. You made my day. Totally it’s a different experience what I never had before. Giving more encouragement and making me feel better about myself and rejuvenation is definitely is the part of the counselling.. I want to recommend more people to do this. Thank you very much for the valuable and wonderful counselling…..

    Revathy Narayanan

    It was a very helpful session With Mindopedia Career Counsellor. She explained everything in details and cleared the doubts I and my Parents Had. She also Gave a Brief Explanation about the DMIT test which is done through our Genetic and Hereditary. According to my Report, she told me the right career way to go. Overall the councillor was very helpful….👍👍

    Juhi Virdi

    Mindopedia Career Counsellor was the one who did my counselling. It was a wonderful session. It was refreshing. I was so confused stepping my career ahead. She made it all clear for me. She explained all the minute details. You must try it once and get your dreams into reality.

    Ekta Desai

    As a clinical psychologist I recommend Mindopedia Career Counselling for DMIT test. Mindopedia Career Counselling is one of the leading companies. It provides an amazing platform to work and has a good work environment as well. Seniors here are always ready to help and guide

    Anamika Sharma

    Strongly recommended for all the souls who wants to do much more than wander and lead a meaningless life. Find yourself and your innate potential and say hello to a more successful and satisfying life. If could work for me, if will work for you too! Thanks to Mindopedia Career Counselling team and Mindopedia Career Counsellor for igniting the lost confidence in me.

    vineeta bhatia

    I am thoroughly impressed with the technique and definitely suggest my friends to go in for. The accuracy is amazing. And yes the term Mindopedia Career Counselling is very true.

    Navin Pereira

    Mindopedia Career Counselling is a unique & excellent organization. It helps person to find out own one or more than one potential areas through DMIT Test. The members of this organization are very Co-operative. I am feeling happy for the part of this Organization as a “Counsellor”

    Pragyan Paramita

    DMIT report and its explanation gave us a lot of confidence to move ahead for our son. Mindopedia Career Counsellor explained the report in depth and we recommend getting it done for all the ages.
    Thank you

    Vijay R

    The most amazing counselling session I have ever had. It truly gives you a beautiful picture of where you are and where you need to go. Bridges the gap between the two. I have never felt more liberating. This test is surely a life changing experience for anyone.

    Nimisha Modi

    I am glad that I took this test. The report was quite accurate and I have cleared my doubts. I recommend everyone to take test

    Aditya Singh

    Very happy with the service and details provided. Reports were surprisingly precise and accurate. Information provided about strengths and weaknesses was helpful.

    Amol Chiplunkar

    My children from blossoms school and they recommend in their parents meeting to take the DMIT test with Mindopedia Career Counselling so we take the test and found excellent feedback regarding my children report.

    Sujit Katakdounde

    It was a good counselling session. I cleared my doubts and came to know about my strengths and weaknesses. It was really helpful. Mindopedia Career Counsellings explained about the weakness and the methods can we use to overcome the weaknesses.

    Gauri Narkar

    It was good got motivated and also came to know the things I should improve which can benefit me latter or maybe now so in short it was awesome.


    Got to know my strengths and weaknesses very clearly and got a better understanding on the areas I can work on. Very well explained.

    Shriya Nair

    Mindopedia Career Counselling is a big and a nurturing family, which provides you with the ability to discover yourself and others in a very scientific and precise manner! Anybody who feels, is lost or feels confused should definitely go for the DMIT scan.

    Aastha Rawal

    Excellent mind blowing session. Explanation was awesome. Very good. Keep it up.

    Kuldeep Vilkhu

    Really good experience and tells you the truth. However action areas could be better explained as per my understanding.

    Gourav Chatterjee

    The counselling for me was absolute brilliant. I’m in Std xth and the career guidance given to me and the handling of the kid given to my parents were very good. I would recommend all school kids of my age especially to take the test. Thanks Mindopedia Career Counsellor . Your counselling was great.

    Krishang Rao

    It is certainly a nice place to work, seniors here are always ready to help and guide me. I am getting an overall development here

    arushika srivastava

    DMIT concept is very good and counselling is nice.


    My DMIT session was taken by Psychologist was Excellent, Counsellor explained each and every point in detail. The session was very interesting and encouraging for me. Thank you so much…..


    Very good and insightful. A useful way to understand the personality of a kid and guide development of a kid/youngster to recognise their core strength and weaknesses…

    Siddharth Shah

    The reason I had chosen to come to Mindopedia Career Counselling is so that I would have more clarity in choosing the career path which will go on to define my life and after getting a detailed report with great explanation I have definitely got more clarity and confidence.


    It was a very nice experience. It helped me to figure out what I can do in future…

    Vipul Parekh

    Mindopedia Career Counselling is a good platform to clear all your confusion and also helpful in understanding yourself.

    Pooja nikhade

    It was great visiting Mindopedia Career Counselling. It has helped us as parents to take a more positive approach towards our child’s academic & career as per our child’s inclination.

    Shailesh Shetty

    Got to know many things about me. Got to explore myself & also was helpful in things clear for a brighter future

    Rinkesh Sonani

    We came here for DMIT counselling of 4 year old son. The session was very informative. Many insight were shared regarding his personality, his learning styles, his instincts, etc. Would definitely come back with other relatives as well

    sagar pingle

    The meeting was very good . And whatever mam said about my child was true. Loved the session

    Sania shetty

    Very informative and provides insight into basic personality of not only kid but parents too. Recommend for every to kid….Good Job… Value for money….

    Sunder M Agarwal

    It’s wonderful experience with Mindopedia Career Counsellor about my both child’s ability and I am taking decision only after their advice for best future of my child. I recommend DMIT for normal or abnormal child to know them better and treat them better by knowing their true ability to shine

    Nemish Shah

    Nemish Shah

    The counselling was good I got to know a lot about myself and a deep understanding of my insight and j am sure this will help me to shape my career in a right direction

    Ravi Negi

    Got to know how to work on my strengths. Very happy with the report. Thanks Mindopedia Career Counselling

    Gokul Rahane

    Being a Principal, I was shocked and amazed by how beneficial and informative the report is for students and even adults. A very scientific and unbiased way of Career Assessment. I recommend this to all.

    Kalpana Dave

    The place is very good. They gave proper guidance about my strengths and weaknesses. They helped me to select my career

    Sunita Kharote

    It was an amazing experience, all my doubts were cleared. I got a better experience for my future.

    Jeetmal Bohara

    My experience has always been good with Mindopedia Career Counselling. They always helped me with positives as well as the negatives for me.. which I’m working on and also achieving it slowly and steadily! Thank you Mindopedia Career Counselling!

    Avijeet Dwivedi

    Mindopedia Career Counselling was excellent. I had it done for my children and for me as well. We are able to know the inborn talent.

    Vinutha Shetty

    The experience was good. Got insights about my daughter so that we can plan her future. Really good.

    tushar parekh

    Very friendly and professional approach cleared my mind and gave an apt personality report! Will surely recommend their services… Special thanks to Mindopedia Career Counsellor for explaining the report so well

    Aisha Kothare

    Very good counselling, should have tried this for my child at an earlier age. They helped us understand every aspect of my child’s personality and what areas need to be concentrated n worked upon.

    Bharvi Jadhav

    Counsellor was very patient to explain the entire report and give a good understanding. Overall, happy to have a discussion with her.

    Roshni Thakkar

    A great experience with Mindopedia Career Counselling! The management was very well done and the counselling sessions were fruitful.

    Rajendra Jhanwar

    Whatever I know about my child was presented to me with figurative analysis. Yes, but that helps in taking final decision.


    It is very accurate and very well explained. The reports are very well detailed and gives amazing insight. Must go for it.

    Saaransh Gupta

    It’s a Wonderful experience knowing your child’s nature, his/her interests, what he/ she is good at, what they need to improve on, future aspects regarding their studies, etc. and then working on them to enhance their capabilities to the fullest. I have done my counselling for both the kids. She’s an excellent Counsellor.

    Rasshmi Kothari

    As a primary school teacher, I feel that primary school children will benefit from it because your work will then be to the point and you have a very good way of understanding and comprehending.

    Deanne Fernandes

    Mindopedia Career Counselling helps students to choose better career which will be very suitable for them.

    Sarbeswar Mohapatra

    Great experience. Special mention for Mindopedia Career Counsellor for explaining the report well. These guys are doing a great job. Thank you for everything.

    Richa Verma

    Excellent counselling!!! It was good to know my child’s strengths and weakness. The report was very accurate and very helpful.

    Falak Sha

    Falak Sha

    Mindopedia Career Counsellor are given us information in details. In that case we know about child focus It Good for child future

    mangesh Pawar

    I think it is good for those who have to know the current position and to know how much potential they have. Thanks for building my confidence.

    Parshuram Patkar

    It was great experience I was able to understand myself which I lacked earlier but thanks to Mindopedia Career Counselling I am doing much better in my career and personal life.

    Aameya Gawas

    DMIT at Mindopedia DMIT Centre is a beautiful concept and there is a very high accuracy of results about individual’s strengths, areas of improvement and also very clear direction about career choices. Highly recommended for students across age and even for adults who wish to start something on their own or looking out for a second career choice.

    priyanka biyani

    Very nice. Everything regrading DMIT was nicely explained and also regarding specific characteristics of learning style and career paths. Thank you

    Kishore Salian

    It was indeed a very different experience coz I had just heard about DMIT but was not aware about how it helps in career path. Could resonate with whatever was told or explained about my daughter. This will really help her grow as a person and as a professional. Thanks Mindopedia Career Counsellor. Will ensure she goes the way you have shown.

    Sarika Chauhan

    It was a very informative and conscious building. It is going to be very helpful for my altogether living.

    Siddhartha Wilson

    It was an amazing experience. I was so lost when I 1st came here but Mindopedia Career Counsellor was such so good and gentle in guiding me towards my career. I recommend it for everybody.

    saloni naishad parikh

    The counselling was nice. The counsellor Mindopedia Career Counsellor briefed me about the career options that I should go for and what are my capabilities and strengths.

    aditya kumar

    I was looking for an answer for my career confusion. I encountered Mindopedia Career Counselling. The Clinical Psychologists counselled me along with their analysis which gave me an amazing insight into my career taking into account my inborn potential, learning styles and personality. The accuracy of the DMIT Report is very high. I would recommend it to everyone.

    Anushka Barman

    It was great talking to Mindopedia Career Counsellor, who helped me make observations about myself that I hadn’t made yet. Would recommend Mindopedia Career Counselling.

    Sagar Jadhav

    It was a wonderful session and I got to know the work ahead. At age of 18 I have ample amount o tone to work on the weakness. Thanks foreshowing the way ahead

    Jeevanand Nandhanan

    A nationally leading career assessment and counselling organisation, that offers psychometric tests, DMIT, and the best career counselling one could get. I’ve never had such clarity about myself and my potentials before.

    Khushboo Khan

    Very good counselling. Mindopedia Career Counselling DMIT has helped me as a mother to understand my child and me. I would recommend everybody to go through the Mindopedia Career Counselling DMIT. Thanks Mindopedia Career Counselling for the lovely insights

    Tahseen Shaikh

    It was a great experience overall wherein I am enlightened about my overall personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. Mindopedia Career Counsellor very nicely addressed my queries and suggested way to overcome my loop holes in building overall better personality over what I am currently.

    Shweta Mehta

    It’s very good for the parent’s n students how to choose the field base on test. It’s very useful .

    Mayurika Shukla

    My daughter is an eighth standard student of Thakur International and wanted career guidance for the same. I found both psychometric and DMIT to be very helpful and necessary. Thank you Mindopedia Career Counselling! It is so much better than the confusion I had earlier. It was very good.

    Kshitij Shah

    I was absolutely thrilled with my report and career counselling. Will definitely improve on myself now.

    Vidya Bagul

    It gave me idea about deciding my future and also helped my parents to know about the available jobs in fields which I am interested in. I found it very useful.

    Tejal Muni

    Good counselling done by Mr. Joshua Alphonso. The overall experience was very good.

    Tanvi Shah

    Good insight into the brain, a career path to decide what is to be done with future on career prospects. An intellectual initiative.

    radha nair

    We are completely satisfied with the counselling session. The entire process from beginning to end was smooth and well managed. The Mindopedia Career Counsellors are very knowledgeable.

    Srriram Ravindran

    Good session, detailed analysis of the test was shared and recommendation provided. Helps to clarify and helps to finalize approach while interacting with kids.

    Yatin Rajhans

    The counselling was really helpful and informative for me. Mindopedia Career Counsellor had really help me to give the right career option

    chaitali gaikwad

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    Capt. Adesh Tungare

    It’s really good. It’s recommended for anyone wanting to know their future career pathway.

    Subrata Das

    It was a wonderful experience. These guys are truly professional yet very personal when it comes one on one discussion during the counselling session.

    Kalpita Mandhana

    I think this report is very accurate as whatever details were shared is exactly of my personality and behaviour I would highly recommend this test for many students and people starting their career as it would benefit them

    Ballerinia Pinto

    Mindopedia Career Counsellor was excellent and best ever I came across, the output was excellent. I am much more satisfied. Thanks for regenerate me May God bless you!

    Mushtaq Ali Momin

    A good introduction to your strengths and weaknesses and what you are good at and guidance for your future plans

    Shivam Bhavsar

    As a teacher at Cambridge international, I found it very helpful for my growth as a teacher. The counselling was excellent

    Prajakta Khatavkar

    I was a wonderful career counselling. It helped me to understand my career selection.

    Shubham Sawant

    It’s Good & precise. Excellent tool to channelize the strength & work on the weaknesses.

    Tosha Desai

    It gave me an opportunity to stop from my busy schedule and assess my inborn skills and how it could be developed further.

    NIsha Mathews

    The experience was great. I could absolutely relate with the dmit reports. The reports were apt and exactly reflected my personality. Interaction with Mindopedia Career Counsellor was worth it got answers to all my queries. Thankyou Mindopedia Career Counselling for clearing all my doubts!

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    Had an amazing experience at Mindopedia Career Counselling, learnt a lot about myself and have a sense of direction now thanks to Mindopedia Career Counsellor ma’am.

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    Mansi Chaubey

    A wonderful experience as most of the things mentioned actually matched my son’s qualities n he agreed too.

    varsha mudras

    I would wish to recommend DMIT to other parents because it analysis your brain very well and tells you about your negative and positive points

    Jayesh Sompura

    It was awesome. It really helped me to understand my kid and I’m sure that this will also help my kid to work on his weakness and strength.

    Anita Thakur

    The Principal at Campion School has been of help in letting the Admin staff take the Mindopedia Career Counselling test. They help identify hidden traits and help achieve a better understanding of oneself with tests done to achieve genetic reports

    Suzanne Soans

    The results were pretty accurate in their description of the child, and have given us good insights on parenting. Counsellor took time to explain things clearly.

    Vipul Oberoi

    Working with Mindopedia Career Counselling, has helped me understand new concepts of DMIT and help larger population.

    Neha Thakur

    I visited the Mindopedia Career Counselling. I was really confused and unmotivated before I went for their Career Guidance. But during the session I was made aware of my strengths and counsellor really pulled me up by making my subject selection so much easier. Now I know exactly what to do after my 10th results come out and I am more confident working on the suggestions given by Mindopedia Career Counselling!

    Nishi Kotwalkar

    I got the DMIT done for my son and I recommend it because it helps us to focus and work on his strengths, weaknesses and personality.

    Amar Patil

    I student of St Francis currently pursuing Hotel management second year I liked this counselling session it help me to get a better personality and it is help full.

    Sahul Jha

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    Dr Suman Rawat

    It was a nice experience to be a part of this test. It helped me to let me know about my opportunity in future

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    DMIT from Mindopedia Career Counselling provides you precise description about your child which would help you in nurturing your child for future prospects.

    ankit dongra

    DMIT not only gives an insight into the career path for any individual but also deals with the behavioural aspect which is of great help in decision making. I would like to thank, especially Mindopedia DMIT counsellor, for explaining me the analysis report in detail…..

    Manisha Aditya

    I found the counselling to be helpful because it gives an overall outlook of the child, most of which is relatable to the kid in daily routine and since it is biometric based- completely relatable.

    akila nambiar

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    Vishnu Sodhani

    My experience with Mindopedia Career Counselling DMIT test for both my son and me was excellent. It’s a life changing experience and if applied can improve the quality of our lives making it a better place to live in. Everyone should go through this experience once.

    Kanchan Pratap

    It was wonderful experience to learn about our children’s fingerprints n strengths n weakness. They were an amazing guide who made me aware of the inborn inclinations of my children and how we could strengthen the weakness.

    Raj Laxmi Sainani

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    Sanmeet Carval

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    Harshal Shetty

    I sought out DMIT for my daughters in 10th. It definitely offers right solutions based on the innate potential of the person.

    Prashant Rane

    Hello everyone,
    I am Sonali. I am a counselling psychologist by profession. I approached Mindopedia Career Counselling to get DMIT done for my kids later the reports turned out to be very accurate n the counselling session helped understand my kid’s potentials…their strengths n weakness. This further inspired me to take the franchise. so that I can help people understand their innate potential through DMIT.

    Sonali Polke

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    Bhumit Surti

    Excellent explanation by Ms Mindopedia Career Counsellor on DMIT counselling. It’s a good way to know about inner potentials and more about oneself.

    Riana Enterprises

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    Deepak Agrawal

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    Tanvi C

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    tanishq jain

    The DMIT reports were quite accurate and made me aware of certain personality traits I didn’t know I had. The staff is friendly and the psychologist was patient enough to deal with all the confusion I had. It is worth giving Mindopedia Career Counselling a shot. Although I wish I had been explained the reports in detail. The overall experience was good.

    Bhavika Bhambhani

    DMIT from Mindopedia Career Counselling is not only useful for a parent to understand a child but also it helps for right parenting and career introspection for a child. Mindopedia Career Counselling has an excellent team of psychologist for counselling. Keep it up Mindopedia Career Counselling.

    Tejal Patil

    Excellent. Their findings were accurate and in line with actual personality of my daughter. Highly recommended

    Raju Bhatt

    The DMIT report was very accurate and helped me realize my ups and downs. As a student, it helped me choose a suitable career according to my potentials. Would definitely recommend to all.

    Anuj Naidu

    Very informative session. we really rediscovered our child today…strengths and weakness rightly appreciated…goals clearly specified…would recommend parents of teenagers to visit this centre

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    Samyuktaa Chawla

    Timely Insightful impressions of our lil ones helps serve a great guiding light in motivating our kids in the right manner, at the right time and in the right direction. DMIT Testing sure helps us achieve all this and the counsellors report analysis gives us the right guidance to provide our kids with the much needed support, understanding and skill development. A special gratitude to the team for being spot on in her counselling and her deep understanding about behavioural sciences and real life implications and applications are extremely helpful.

    Zahra Shad

    I did for my daughter and I hail from silvassa. It was a wonderful counselling session on career by Mr. Manish Naidu. Thanks Mindopedia Career Counselling


    If you’re confused about yourself or what to do in life, Mindopedia Career Counselling is the place to seek help. Had wonderful experience in counselling and the report was also accurate.

    Asish Arora

    It made me really concern the result was accurate and the counsellor was really soft and the way she conveyed was really accepted

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